Young Horse Starting & Foundation Training 
Young Horse Starting 
Horses have a strong natural instinct for self preservation, this means that the horse will need to turn loose to this on the inside (the emotional aspect) to be able to accept what is taking place on the outside (the physical aspect). Traditional, often violent methods of horse training and breaking the spirit with an abusive hand should not be considered if you want to have a truly willing partnership with your horses be it for recreation or for competition riding. 
Other important things to consider when starting a young horse include his physical condition, groundwork, general handling, trailer loading and hacking out. At the end of the starting process the owner will hve the opportunity to have some coaching with their horse. 
Please contact me with your needs for your young horse training. 
Foundation Training 
After the starting process, foundation training will help to prepare you and your horse for future relationship. Maybe you hope to advance to specialize in dressage, show jumping or perhaps you just have a dream of cantering along the beach or enjoying a hack with your perfect partner. 
Foundation training advances from where the starting process left off, exposing the horse to new experiences, environments and situations, setting the horse up for future success. It will help the horse learn basic movements under the humans guidance, which in the future can then be developedtowards the owners chosen specialization. 
By putting the time and preparation into your horses foundation, you can set your relationship up for the future, whatever you choose to do. 
If you require some help with your young horse's foundation training just get in touch. 
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