About Simply Horsemanship 
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Simply Horsemanship 
My name is Garry Stevens, I am a South Devon based professional horseman with extensive experience in horse training, starting and training young horses and problem horses. 
I aim to create a harmonious partnership between horse and human using the tools of communication and understanding, rather than mechanics and brute force often seen in modern day equestrianism. 
I offer horse training services, problem solving, instruction of natural horsemanship, riding and groundwork instruction in Devon. 
Young horse starting & foundation training 
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Young Horse Starting  
& Foundation Training 
Giving your horse the best possible start in life means everything. It should be done for the horse, and not to the horse, allowing confidence and curiosity to build whilst maintaining dignity throughout process. 
When introducing a young horse to a saddle and rider, the mental and emotional aspects of training are equally as high in value as the physical aspects. 
Trailer loading & horse problems 
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Trailer Loading & Horse Problems 
Trailer loading is the most common challenging problem for horse owners and can result in people taking extreme, often violent measures in order to load a horse into a trailer or box. Including lines and more manpower (force), brooms, beating, winches and mechanical means. 
I can help you understand your horses behaviour and help your horse with understanding and communcation. 
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Working with your horse and you I can help you understand your horse, improve your Riding and ground skills. I can help with all your horse training and development needs. 
I am a Devon based horseman and visit many local areas providing indivdual sessions to suit the needs of all horse owners. 
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Photo gallery and Testamonials 
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Photo and testamonial Gallery 
Here I will be sharing pictures from home with my horses, equine events, my travels and my experience past and present. I will also display some of the many testamonials I recieve. 
If you have photos or a testamonial you would to share please email them to me or use the testamonial form on the news page. 
Click 'view gallery' right for the gallery. 
News/More About me/Articles 
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Welcome to my news page. 
On this page I will be sharing horsemanship news and experiences from my travels and experiences in my life from today and times past, also experiences my customers would like to share.  
There is now an articles page too, where I will try to share some useful information on equine related matters. 
If you have something you wish to share on these pages, please do email it to me. 
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"Man has venerated me as a god but treated me as a beast. take me for what I am, a horse." 
-The horse 
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