Trailer Loading and horse Problems 
Trailer loading picture
Trailer loading can frequently be a really challenging problem for horse owners and can result in people taking extreme, often violent measures in order to load a horse into a trailer or box. Including lines and more manpower (force), brooms, beating, winches & mechanical means. 
Training and teaching the horse is one of the most common areas missed in a young horses education but an important area to have your horse confident about if you are considering traveling your horses at all in a lorry or trailer. 
Other problems encountered by owners are spooking and shying horses, bolting horses, horses won't stand to mount, rearing and aggresive behaviour. I can help you understand your horses behaviour and help your horse with understanding. 
Usually its just the horses natural instinct of self preservation as a prey animal, verses our need for instant results (being direct line) as a predator that will cause conflict between human and horse, this is where problems often occur. 
See my gallery page for a short clip of how confident a horse can become with trailer loading given good training and practice. 
Horse loading training is available from £50 per session, please contact me with your requirements. 
Trailer loading picture
Trailer loading picture
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