Photo Gallery and Testamonials  
Please note: Although in some of my older pictures I am not wearing a saftey helmet I in no way endorse or encourage people to ride thier horses without one and it is now my policy to wear a saftey helmet when I ride. 
The Videos below are two young horses I have trained 
This short clip is an example of how confident a horse can become with loading. 
Diana Fussell wrote: 
Garry isn't like any instructor I've ever had. I couldn't understand where he was coming from in the beginning and its taken me a while to work it out, because I'm only human and Garry looks at things from the perspective of the any horse would be very lucky to have Garry teach its human. Its that simple. 
Rhian Cohen wrote: 
For the last 3 years I have been trying to load my horse into a lorry following an accident where a trailer partition fell on my horse. Understandably he wasn't keen to get into a lorry or trailer again resulting in 2-4 hours of loading. A friend told me to contact Garry for assistance which proved to be absolutely invaluable. The combination of his experience, patience, timing and ability to understand exactly how to persuade my horse that getting in the lorry was a great idea and more to the point his idea was fascinating to watch and as a result of his explanations and help, I am now able to load with confidence understanding much better the elements of horsemanship and how to apply them to make a better partnership. I am looking forward to working with Garry in the future and cannot recommend him highly enough. Thankyou very much :-) 
Daniela wrote: 
Yesterday was fantastic when I got Piaffe by accident! But today was no accident! amazing! I don't even have words to describe what I experienced today, I am thrilled beyond belief. Never in my wildest dreams did I think me & Sassie would achieve what we achieved today. Collection, engagement, power, control, piaffe, passage, shoulder in! WOW Thank you Garry x 
Other Horse pictures
Below are some of the most special horses I've had in my life 
western horse
Snow time for Dakota! 
Parelli NEC Celebration Horse show
Dakota performing at the NEC's LG Arena  
Parelli celebration
At the LG arena, Nec Birmingham 
Rearing horse
My Lusitano Serrano Performing! 
A very sensitive Friesian girl!
Young sensitive friesian mare Wicker 
dressage test ride
My Superstar young horse-Johnny Rotten! 
Young horse Johnny's first rides at age 4
My Young horse Johnny Rotten 
4 year old Johnny learning to jump!
Jumping Johnny Rotten! 
mary dawson wrote: 
Garry is truely , the first person that I have met that has a natural affinity with the horse , a calm and firm attitude which the horses adore and respect. 
Summer-Jo Doncaster wrote
Just to say a really big thank you for helping my mare a Evie and I. Having had several incidents with her, Garry helped so much with my confidence and in gaining her trust back. He is kind, patient and honest. We really miss seeing him but hope he can come back to Suffolk soon and meet my other horse as well. X 
Telma Shimmen wrote: 
Garry has been absolutly fabulous with my young arab, he is not only great with the emotional aspects of horsemanship but also noticed that she was struggling physically which many other professionals had not noticed and it turned out my poor mare had sacroilliac injury. 
Indie is now on the road to recovery thanks to Garry and he pretty much restarted her for me as she had a few issues to overcome because of the discomfort she had been in,(i wish i had known about Garry when i wanted my horse started as i believe it would of saved Indie a lot of stress and discomfort, and i would highly recommend Garry if you want your horse started) 
I have Garry out to us regularly to help us carry on with our education as i totally trust him with the physical and emmotional welfare of my horse. 
Below are a selection of pictures of the many horses I have helped in the past 
Friesian connection 
Amy wrote: 
Thank you so much, my mare was so difficult I thought the only option was to put her down. 
You were her last chance but with your help and perseverance she is now transformed into the horse I always wanted and I enjoy every ride we have. 
Your natural ability and understanding of horses is amazing. 
Young Arab's first ride
A Young Arabs first ride 
Young Horse Training
Flying Freisians! 
Garry Stevens helping a young cob
Helping a young cob 
2 young horses in training
Dakota and Serrano in training! 
horse training
young horse groundwork 
colourful horse! 
Young horse training
Young TB horse training. 
polo horse
Polo horse. 
young horse learning dressage
Young horse learning dressage. 
Mustang training
Mustang Training 
appaloosa horse
Extreme Appaloosa horse made good. 
Young arab start/training
Young Arab horse start  
young horse Start 
horse training
Young horse training 
young horse development 
stand still to mount!
Learning to stand for mounting! 
Serrano and the tarp! 
Serrano and the Pedestal! 
Ride out! 
Horse in water
Horse in water! 
4 year old Dakota 
Ray Hunt, Natural horsemen
Ray Hunt Memorial 
Horsemanship with a cob!
Horsemanship with a cob! 
Playful Dakota 
Driving a team
Driving a team. 
Horse whispering
Horse whispering 
A selection of clinic photo's 
horsemanship demonstration
Horsemanship demonstration 
Progress in the Simply Horsemansip clinic with Garry Stevens
Nicely ridden 
teaching good horsemanship
horsemanship lesson 
strong focus in the riding clinic
Focus & Feel 
Horsemanship with Garry Stevens  of Simply Horsemanship.
ready to ride 
horsemanship clinic with Garry Stevens
Ground preparation 
Simply Horsemanship riding  clinic
Riding clinic 
Progress, happy horses and riders!
Riding clinic 
Chico is looking athletic in the Simply Horsemanship clinic
Cob in Riding clinic 
Moving forward gracefully in the clinic with Garry Stevens
good riding 
Ginny Coward wrote: 
I just wanted to thank you for all your help with Melody. When you first starting working with us, Melody was an extremely sensitive and reactive ball of explosive energy and I was nothing short of terrified. It was a dangerous mix and although we had already come along way together, it still wasn't a safe partnership. A few months later and under your instinctive and gentle guidance Melody is now able to cope with so much more emotionally and that has opened up so many doors for us that I truly never thought would have been possible. I had lost all my confidence in myself, my horse and my own ability but you picked us up, dusted us off and remoulded our relationship and most importantly, made me believe that I could actually do it. You have an incredible natural talent and the horses all seem to love you. I do not have enough words to thank you for how much you have helped us. To think that we have actually been out and done our first dressage test and have a whole winter of them to look forward to, is something I never thought would happen. Thank you Garry for giving me something to look forward to with my horse again and for keeping us both safe physically and emotionally. 
Heather Horton wrote: 
Garry just held a weekend clinic at our yard in Rutland which is his Leicestershire/Rutland base. Everything was so chilled, he even organised brilliant weather. Some horses travelled and stayed to save going back and forth and they settled into their little paddocks immediately. We had a group on the ground session outside on Saturday. This was the first time my horse had participated in this manner and he demonstrated all his dominant stallion traits to their full and some he didn't know he had. Garry took him and worked with him very quietly for a few minutes and he miraculously became a very well mannered chappie. It was an excellent learning curve for both me and Lucho. Garry extremely competently handled the situation in a quiet but firm manner which Lucho thoroughly respected. Having now seen how that situation was handled, I am now equipped with the knowledge (not necessarily the expertise as yet) to deal with future similar situations. 
The second day we had individual ridden sessions in the indoor arena. I am recovering from an injury but I was not going to miss out. Garry was very sympathetic to my physical difficulties and tailored my session for me to be able to physically cope with riding whilst at the same time ensuring that Lucho was also benefitting from the session by refining movements. 
Garry has great empathy with both horse and rider. He most definitely has a natural affinity with horses, he only has to walk up to them and they seem to respect him and want to work with him. 
Thank you so much Garry for an absolutely marvellous weekend. Can't wait until the next one. 
If anyone reading this is in the Leicestershire/Rutland area and is interested in joining us on the next clinic, please don't hesitate to make contact via Garry. 
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